Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin in my eyes has become the new George W. Bush. I liked W from the minute he appeared on the radar in the 2000 Presidential election. I liked him because you could look in his eyes and see he was the real deal. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. Over the next eight years I watched as the media mutilated President Bush. They did everything in their power to make sure that he was the most hated man on the planet. Even for someone who had always admired W as I did, I found myself starting to wonder if maybe I shouldn't like him so much. All of a sudden it became uncomfortable to admit that I admired and respected President George W Bush.

Now I find the same thing is happening with Sarah Palin. I liked her from the minute I laid eyes on her, when she walked out on a stage with John McCain, to announce that she was the VP Candidate and I have liked her ever since. She has the same "Americanism" as Ronald Reagan. She believes in this country. She is the woman that lived in a small town and decided to get involved. She is the woman that admits that Jesus Christ in number one in her life, then her family, then her country. She is a woman that would fight to the death to protect the ones that she loves.

Sarah Palin may or may not run for President. I almost hope she doesn't because of the blood bath that will ensue in the media. But if she does she will have my support. No I don't think that Sarah Palin is a genius or has all the answers but I do believe that she is an American through and through and would make a great President. I just think it is sad though that so many people will let the opinion of others cloud their judgement when looking at this phenomenal woman.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lincoln vs Reagan Day Dinners

If you would have asked me 6 months ago what a Lincoln Day Dinner was I would have been clueless. Now I find myself not only going to one tomorrow night but also planning one for our county in the near future. Apparently these have been going on for years as a way for Republicans to raise money for their local committees. I am assuming that the reason that they were called Lincoln Day Dinners is because Abe Lincoln was a Republican but the more I learn about him I really like calling them Reagan Day Dinners instead.

You can go to and see a list of the Dinners that are already planned all around the State of Arkansas. We will be traveling to Union County tomorrow night to attend theirs. Richard Caster will be the main speaker. Richard is the youngest elected official in the state of Arkansas. At age 19 he won the JP seat in his district. I heard Richard speak at the State GOP Convention back in fall and he was very impressive. I see great things ahead of this young man.

Beth Anne Rankin will be the Mistress of Ceremonies. There is a concerted effort from a lot of people in the fourth district to keep Beth Anne out in the spotlight. She ran a heck of a race this past year against incumbent Mike Ross and with a little more money and time it is my belief that she could have beat him. If you get a chance drop Beth Anne a note and tell her to gear up for 2012. We need her!

Now my challenge to you is find a Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner in your area and make preperations to attend. Your local committees need all the financial support they can get if we are going to turn the rest of Arkansas red.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arrogant Politicians

The arrogance of some of our elected officials just blows my mind. I was recently copied on an email involving the some local Tea Party folks and our state Senator, Jimmy Jeffress. I was amazed at the way this man talks down to the citizens that he is supposed to be representing. What happened to the days when people went into politics to be servants? We need elected officials with hearts like the great men of old. They had to beg George Washington to serve. He gave his life to this country for nothing but heart ache and ill health in return. Now politicians go to Washington or Little Rock or even to local elected posititions with one thing on their mind....power.

Now I can't lump all of our elected officials in the same category. I think we have sent a group of freshman Congressman to Little Rock and Washington, DC that are trying to do the right thing. I seen this week where Congressman Tim Griffin is refusing to take part in the retirement program set up for Congress. This is honorable in my book. I also see great honor in Col. Alan West from Florida, Rand Paul from Kentucky, Jason Chaffetz from Utah, Gov. Scott Walker from Wisconsin, Jim DeMint from S. Carolina and Mike Pence from Indiana....just to name a few.

We have to look to the 2012 and start looking for candidates that will stand on their principles. Men and Women that will stand against the status quo and use common sense. That seems to be one of the other things missing these days from our elected officials besides humility -common sense.

When a politician talks down to the citizens they are showing that they think they are above the common man. We have seen this a lot lately with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They are part of the elite and have no problem letting you know that they know better than you do about almost everything. We pretty much expect this with politicians in Washington but when our local and state reps start having this attitude then it is time to band together and get rid of them. I would rather have an uneducated begger from the street leading me than someone who stands high and mighty and tells you what a good person they are and how they know better than you do what needs to be done.

To be a great leader you must be a servant first.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Arkansas 4th District Republicans Meet in Monticello

Republicans from across Arkansas's 4th District came together in Monticello on Saturday, February 26th, at 9a.m. at the First Assembly of God on Highway 425. A reception was held the night previous, at the Holiday Inn Express. Drew County had been selected to host this meeting this past fall. The 4th District is comprised of 29 counties and is the largest district by area in the state.

The main agenda for this meeting was to elect officers for the next two year term. District Chair, Kermit Parks, from Union County, had served in this position for 8 years and was term limited out. In a democratic contest against Glenn Gallas, of Garland County, Larry Bailey, of Garland County, was elected the new Chair for the 4th District. Chairman Bailey was instrumental in the recent landslide of victories for the Republican Party in Garland County during the midterm elections this past November. He has served as the Chairman of the Garland County Republican Party and held seats on numerous boards within the county over the past several years.

Dwayne Hall, from Miller County, won the position of 1st Vice Chair and Pam Ravenscraft, from Columbia County, was elected as the 2nd Vice Chair. Other newly elected positions included Ben Finley, treasurer; Sue Vaughn, secretary; and Kermit Parks, 4th District Representative to the Republican Party of Arkansas. Representatives at large to the RPA for the 4th District included Stu Soffer of Jefferson County, Gregory Borse of Drew County; Dwayne Hall of Miller County; and Mary Offutt of Montgomery County.

Guest speakers for the day included former Candidate for the 4th District U.S. House of Representatives, Beth Anne Rankin from Columbia County, and Colt Roan, the new Alumni Relations representative from the University of Arkansas at Monticello in Drew County, who spoke about the ways in which the newly invigorated Republican Party can reach out to the next generation. Chase Dugger, Executive Director of the Arkansas Republican Party, also shared valuable information regarding the relationship between the Arkansas State Republican Party and local affiliates. Other dignitaries attending the meeting were State Senator Bill Sample and State Representative Nate Bell. Among the themes touched upon throughout the day was the need for the Republican Party of Arkansas to reach out not only to youth, but to welcome active participation by independents, Tea Party, and Patriot Party voters in the Republicans' efforts for limited government founded upon Constitutional principles devoted to individual liberty, a strong national defense, and a rational tax-philosophy that encourages economic growth, a reduction of government debt, and a maximization of individual prosperity.

The meeting was concluded with a catered lunch from Cowboys restaurant, of Monticello. The fall meeting will be held in Garland County with the date to be determined.

If you are interested in learning more about the Republican Party of Arkansas or the local Drew County Republican Party, you can send an email to or visit the state website at The Drew County Republicans meet the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm at the Chamber of Commerce Building on East Gaines in Monticello and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eric Cantor || Republican Whip || YouCut

Eric Cantor Republican Whip YouCut

The Power of the Internet

I know there have been countless articles on the power of the internet but I am just now starting to realize how true this is. I have seen its power in the past couple of years and what it has meant for our country. This is a way for people all across this country to keep in touch and have a means of finding out the truth without having to depend on the television or print media. We have at our fingertips the means to communicate what is happening in our communities, our state, our country and our world. Like minded people can come together and be a powerful force. I also see why our government is doing everything in its power to shut the internet down by enacting laws such as net neutrality. We must continue to band together and stand against this out of control government. November is not waste your vote!

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty

All Americans should read this post.

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty

American Thinker: The Remarkable Rise of Jan Brewer

The Remarkable Rise of Jan Brewer

Power Line - At Least Calderon Was Sticking Up for His Country

Power Line - At Least Calderon Was Sticking Up for His Country

Power Line - At Least Calderon Was Sticking Up for His Country

Power Line - At Least Calderon Was Sticking Up for His Country

Oklahoma, Which Passed Serious Immigration Reform in 2007, Continues to Economically Outperform |

Oklahoma, Which Passed Serious Immigration Reform in 2007, Continues to Economically Outperform